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Usdaw Collective Energy Switch

Join our collective energy switch and see if we can make savings together.

As you will no doubt be aware, the last year has been very unusual for the energy market with wholesale energy prices reaching a ten year high. Ofgem's Price Cap is limiting what suppliers can charge customers on variable tariffs, so what used to be the worst tariffs (Standard Variable Tariffs) are now the best. Our advice for now is not to switch.

But this will not remain the case indefinitely. The market is predicted to realign to a point where fixed tariffs can again fall below the Standard Variable Tariff at which point we will be here to help you save money on your bills again.

Why should you register?
  • If you are on a variable contract, even though it will seem expensive right now, this is likely to be the best option for the time being but if you register, we will be in touch when there are savings to be made for you.
  • If you are on a fixed tariff - don't switch. But be prepared for a hefty price hike when your tariff comes to an end. And be aware that your supplier's variable tariff is likely to be a better option than fixed tariffs until wholesale markets fall. By registering we will know to contact you with future offers.
  • It's easy and free to register with no obligation to accept your offer and it means we can get in touch with you when we think there might be savings to be had for you.

How it works
  • Register your interest for free
  • Our partner iChoosr holds an auction where energy suppliers compete for your custom
  • You will receive a personal offer detailing your potential savings
  • Decide - stick or switch? If you switch our partner, iChoosr takes care of the entire process

Register your interest here.

Any Questions? Call 0800 048 8116.

By clicking here you will be directed to iChoosr who are partnering with Usdaw to offer this service to members. To register you will be asked to leave your contact details with iChoosr.
Read our Member Offer Terms and Conditions.

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