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Usdaw & Politics

Our role as a Trade Union is to make things better for our members.

Mostly we do that through negotiating with employers, but sometimes we need to engage in politics and political campaigning.

By lobbying and working with MPs and others, we can fight for legislative changes, guaranteeing you better rights at work and fairer standards and we can also work to improve our members’ lives in other ways, such as through better pensions and benefits, and improving schools and health services.

In the past this political campaigning has delivered, for instance, the National Minimum Wage, paternity leave and equal rights for part-time workers.

Usdaw and Politics – A Short Guide for Union Activists.

The Labour Party
The Trade Unions founded the Labour Party to represent working people in Parliament.

Labour is the only party that can and will deliver for Usdaw members. In the past Labour has delivered for our members following Usdaw campaigning, for instance on Trade Union recognition, the National Minimum Wage and increased maternity leave.

Labour supports:
  • Immediately raising the Minimum Wage to at least £10 per hour, so that work pays.
  • Banning zero hours contracts and ensuring that every worker gets a guaranteed number of hours each week.
  • Raising Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) and making it available all workers, including the self-employed and those on low wages
  • Enforcing all workers’ rights to Trade Union representation at work – so that all workers can be supported when negotiating with their employer.
  • Extending statutory maternity and paternity leave, introducing the right to bereavement leave and strengthening protections for pregnant women.

Promoted by Paddy Lillis, General Secretary on behalf of Usdaw, Head Office, Voyager Building, 2 Furness Quay, Salford Quays, Manchester, M50 3XZ.



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