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Zero-hours Contracts

The use of zero-hours contracts by firms has grown massively in the last four years with one estimate putting the number of workers on these contracts at 1.4 million.

These types of contracts mean workers are not guaranteed any hours from one week to the next and are often left waiting for a phone call each day to tell them whether they have any hours to work or not.

It leaves workers unable to budget, unsure of their income from week-to-week and in insecure employment with few rights.

Usdaw believes the use of zero-hours contracts are indefensible except in very rare circumstances and wants legislation introduced to ban the worst excesses of these contracts.

These include banning exclusivity clauses that forbid an employee from taking up work with another employer and giving employees permanent employment status after 12 weeks on a zero-hours contract.

Your Experiences
Rema is an Usdaw member who has suffered under a Zero Hours Contract. Take a minute to watch Rema's video to see how her shift changes affected her and her daughter, and Ed Miliband's response to Rema's story.
Usdaw and Labour want to end Zero Hours Contracts. They have committed to: “Ban exploitative zero hours contracts so that if you work regular hours for 12 weeks, you get a regular contract.”

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