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A New Deal for Workers

Too many key workers are trying to exist on low pay, facing abuse every day while trying to carry out their essential role.

About the campaign

Our members need a new deal for workers. The cost-of-living crisis has hit working people hard. Across the country, millions have seen their living standards squeezed and their families suffer, as wages have failed to keep up with soaring bills and sky-rocketing costs. At the heart of the cost-of-living crisis is a crisis of employment rights.

Because of a lack of decent employment rights, low-paid workers are particularly vulnerable to having their hours, wages or terms and conditions cut and susceptible to short-term economic downturns and headwinds.

Usdaw is clear that workers must be given greater rights and protections and a the pay they deserve, through a new deal for workers.

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Key Campaign Actions

Usdaw is calling for:
  • A Minimum Wage That Is A Real Living Wage Rate. The National Minimum Wage should be immediately increased to £12 per hour as a step towards £15 per hour.
  • Guarantees Over Working Hours. A minimum 16 hours per week for everyone who wants it. Contracts should be based on the normal hours worked. An end to zero hours contracts.
  • Freedom From Fear And Respect For Shopworkers through ‘Protection of Workers’ legislation that will tackle abuse against workers dealing with the public.
  • More Support For Low-Paid Workers through improved sick pay and a proper social security system instead of the current Universal Credit mess.
  • A Real Voice At Work with Trade Unions being recognised in the workplace.​

General Election 2024

A Labour Government could transform the lives of working people by introducing their 'New deal for working people' within the first 100 days of coming into power. 

Organising for a New Deal

Our members need a new deal for workers and it is up to us all to organise for one. This statement sets out exactly what a new deal for workers should look like, and the practical steps that we can all take to organise for it.

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