Racial Equality

Usdaw is determined to promote equality for all sections of society both at work and in the community. The Union has equality forums in each division made up of members from the black and asian, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT), and disabled communities.

 Members can volunteer to get involved in their Divisional Equality Forum by contacting their local office. This forms part of the Union’s aim to increase the participation of black and asian members in the work of Usdaw.
Usdaw also runs a separate national get-together for black and asian activists. This is held over one weekend in November.
While discrimination is illegal it can be very difficult to prove. However, Usdaw works tirelessly to support members and reps both to promote equality and end discrimination in all its forms. Legislation does exist to protect individuals from discrimination and Usdaw’s reps, officials and Legal Department can be called upon to support members. Usdaw has successfully represented many black and asian members to win justice at work.
More and more black and asian members are getting involved in Usdaw.

Usdaw's ‘No Room for Racism’ campaign was developed in response to a growing demand from reps who wanted to run workplace anti-racist campaigns.



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