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Good Reasons to Join

Better pay

Usdaw helps people at work by negotiating better pay and conditions. Every year Usdaw negotiates improvements to pay for hundreds of thousands of members.

Safer workplace

Workplaces with unions have far less accidents.

With 4,000 Health and Safety Reps, Usdaw makes sure that your safety at work is taken seriously.

Advice & support

10,000 Usdaw workplace reps advise and support you at work and are backed up by highly trained Usdaw Officials. Specialists in the fields of pensions, health and safety, education, management, wages and employment law are all on hand to help.

Better conditions

Usdaw works to get union members better holiday entitlement, good pension provision and improved arrangements for time off work.

By negotiating with employers Usdaw is able to make your life at work better. Negotiations aren’t just about pay as we aim to improve the other things that matter at work such as holidays, pensions, shift arrangements, etc.

Protection at work

By ensuring that union members have strong and effective representation, Usdaw is able to protect people at work and help resolve issues before they become major problems. Usdaw ensures that members are aware of their rights in the workplace.

Fairness at work

Union workplaces are fairer workplaces and are much more likely to have family friendly policies.

By negotiating with employers, unions are able to secure better deals for members on issues such as career opportunities, flexible working arrangements and general support for family responsibilities. In short, unions help you achieve a work-life balance without being penalised for it.

More job security

Usdaw works to protect jobs and deliver job security for members.

Without a union you are on your own if faced with change at work or redundancy.

Your voice

With over 10,000 workplace reps, Usdaw gives you a strong voice at work.

Without a union you are less likely to have a say in your terms and conditions and how your employer operates.

Opt in to the Political Fund
Usdaw’s Political Fund supports the Union’s campaigns and helps to fund the lobbying of politicians on issues that matter to Usdaw members. Opt in to the Political Fund on the membership form to support our campaign work that gives our members a voice.

Legal & accident cover

Usdaw’s legal service wins millions in compensation each year for members and their families. As an Usdaw member, the legal service is entirely free – you don’t pay a penny. No one plans to have an accident but if you do, Usdaw will help you with your claim for compensation for any accident, anywhere and if you win your case you keep 100% of the compensation. Usdaw will also provide you with free legal advice on any issue.

Member offers & discounts

Usdaw works with all of its affinity partners to get you and your family the best deals available on everything from theme parks, to home, car and travel insurance, to great discounts at high street shops and restaurants. Could Usdaw membership save you money? For more information visit: www.usdaw.org.uk/offers

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Certain information on this page is taken from the TUC Report ‘The Union Advantage’ – copyright TUC 2014.


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