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Labour is Delivering on Usdaw Campaigns

Usdaw is known as the Campaigning Union for good reason.

We listen to our members, take the issues that you care about, and challenge those in government to deliver.
At this election, it's clear that Labour has listened to Usdaw members and that a Labour government will deliver the real change we need.
Here are just some of the measures Labour has committed to in its manifesto that will deliver on the aims of our campaigns.
Time For Better Pay
The Time For Better Pay campaign aims to tackle the causes of in-work poverty and develop an economy where going to work guarantees that people can afford a basic standard of living.
When the leader of the Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn addressed our ADM this year, he said "Usdaw has been pushing ahead on the issue with your Time For Better Pay campaign, and I absolutely commend and support it."
Our key Time For Better Pay campaign actions are:
  • Minimum £10 per hour for all workers
  • Minimum contract of 16 hours per week for everyone who wants it.
  • A contract based on an individual's normal hours of work.
  • An end to zero hours contracts.
A Labour Government will:
  • Introduce a guaranteed £10 an hour living wage for all workers over 16.
  • Strengthen the law so that those who work regular hours for more than 12 weeks will have a right to a regular contract, reflecting those hours.
  • Ban zero hours contracts, so that every worker gets a guaranteed number of hours each week.
Save Our Shops
The Save Our Shops campaign asks for urgent action to breathe life back into the high street. In recent years, hundreds of thousands of jobs have been lost in retail, yet successive Conservative governments have done little to tackle the crisis on the high street and in our local communities.
At the launch of our Industrial Strategy for Retail, which is at the core of the Save Our Shops campaign, Labour’s Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell said "It will be a basis on which we will implement when we get into Government."
Our key save Our Shops campaign actions are:
  • Economic measures to create a more level playing field between the High Street and online retailing.
  • Fair pay and job security for retail workers, including a minimum wage of £10 per hour, tackling zero-hours and short-hours contracts, and investment in skills and training.
  • Government action to protect jobs in the retail sector. Retail jobs are real jobs – retail is a key part of the economy providing jobs and income for millions of families.
 A Labour Government will:
  • Implement an Industrial Strategy for Retail.
  • Give communities more power to shape their town centres, by strengthening powers to protect post offices, community pharmacies, high street banks, sports clubs, pubs and independent shops, and promote measures to decrease high-street vacancies.
  • Strengthen the law so that those who work regular hours for more than 12 weeks will have a right to a regular contract, reflecting those hours.
Freedom From Fear
Usdaw's Freedom From Fear campaign works to prevent violence, threats and abuse against workers, and raises awareness with the public that this is unacceptable behaviour.

At our ADM, Jeremy Corbyn said "Any abuse threats or physical violence against workers is completely and totally unacceptable. It is not part of the job."
Our key Freedom From Fear campaign actions are:
  • Working to pass legislation creating a specific offence relating to assault on people who work in a face-to-face public role.
  • Raising awareness with the public that abuse is not part of the job, and giving workers the confidence to report it.
  • Working with employers to achieve safety and security improvements in stores.
A Labour government will:
  • Legislate to give employers a duty to protect staff from harassment by customers.
  • Set up a Workers Protection Agency to support safety and security at work.
  • Prioritise neighbourhood policing to tackle crime and it’s causes.

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