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Vote for the next Labour Leader

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There has been a lot of discussion about what the results of the general election mean. But one thing is very clear, and that is that the next leader of the Labour Party will need to work from the ground up to help win back the trust in our communities all across the country.

Given the scale of the defeat at the election, and the seats that Labour have held for many years being lost to the Conservatives, it is very clear that we need a change in the Labour Party, and that we need to listen carefully to the people who would in the past have said they were Labour through and through.

It is also clear that there is no one cause behind the losses. All we can be certain of at this point is that the offer Labour made to the public as a whole – from leadership, to Brexit, to trust in the delivery of the manifesto – was rejected. The next leader of the party needs to be able to address this head on, work towards finding solutions with a clear plan, and have the experience to be able to deliver it.

But this isn’t just about the wider issues facing the country. Usdaw members need a Labour government, and a Labour leader, who represents their interests. The best way to make this happen is for Usdaw members to vote in the leadership election.

As an Usdaw member who pays into the Union’s Political Fund, you can become an affiliated supporter and vote in the leadership election. This is not the same as joining the Labour Party. It is free, and you do not have to make any further commitments. It linked to your Union membership.

You can sign up here. The deadline is 5pm, Monday 3 February.

If you are already a member of the Labour Party, you are already entitled to vote.

By registering as an affiliated supporter, I agree that my personal data may be shared between Usdaw and the Labour Party in order to confirm my membership of that organisation and eligibility to participate in all relevant internal Labour Party elections. I also agree that the Labour Party may use the information I have provided to administer ballots for all relevant internal elections. For more information, click here.

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