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For more information about Lifelong Learning, becoming a ULR or other learning opportunities available in your area please contact your local Lifelong Learning Project Worker.

Getting online and ICT

We are campaigning to make sure everyone has the digital skills they need to get by at work, at home, in their Union and their local community. Many members lose out because of their lack of digital skills. Don’t be one of them you can use some of the links below to improve your digital skills and knowledge:
is the best site for complete beginners. It offers a series of short, straightforward online courses covering a range of topics from basic IT, staying safe online, being healthy, shopping and accessing services.
helps to develop the essential online skills you need to make the most of your mobile, tablet, computer or laptop. There is a vast array of free web resources to help you get the most out of being online.
offers a wide range of free online technology guides, a network of computer tutors and online community of digital champions. There are also many free courses which are “badged” -  a new way of recording your progress and recognising your  achievements.
provides free “how to” guides for a range of different subjects, levels, topics and packages using various formats/versions of software so you can use the course that matches your software package and ability.



Many members are keen to improve their English skills, understanding that a good level of English and relevant qualifications can help you to take up any opportunities you are presented with:
is a national project aimed at helping adults brush up their English skills and work towards gaining a qualification. You can test your skills and find out the  best level to start learning.
offers a wealth of great videos, exercises and quizzes from the BBC’s vast array of resources to help adults improve their English skills. This site is free to use and is continually updated and improved.
provides support, videos, exercises and quizzes for members who are learning English as a foreign language (ESOL).

Mobile apps:
Acceleread - for iPhone


Since 2012 we have been specifically encouraging members to improve their Maths skills as well as their English skills. Join a growing number of our members and use these resources to test and assess your skills and levels and take up free brush up courses online:
a site where you can assess your maths skills and access free resources to test your knowledge and improve your skills.
is a national project aimed at helping adults brush up their skills and work towards gaining a qualification. Test your skills and Levels with a short assessment and sample questions.
offers a wealth of great videos, exercises and quizzes from the BBC’s vast array of resources to help adults improve their Maths skills. This site is free to use and is continually updated and improved.
provides free open resources/courses for people who already have a good basic understanding of maths at around GCSE grade.
provides you with problem solving skills for your everyday life and the wider world.

Mobile apps:
Maths Everywhere - for iPhone - for android


We know our members after often keen to learn languages even if it’s just a few phrases to go on holiday with or engage with a colleague at work. These sites can help you to do that:
“Before you know it” is a flash card based language learning package with over 70 different languages.
offers a wealth of great videos, exercises and quizzes from the BBC’s vast array of language resources. This site is free to use and is always updated and improved.
offers free online language learning, lessons and other learning activities for 35 different languages.
is an online guide to British sign language by individual word, phrases and word groups.

Mobile apps:
Diolingo - for iPhone - for android

General interest

Many Usdaw members just enjoy learning for fun. This  section contains links to providers that offer a wide range and variety of courses, subjects and levels:
the Open University (OU) and access to its courses providing flexible part time study, supported distance and open learning courses from Access courses to postgraduate qualifications.
Owned by the OU, Futurelearn offers a wide range of course for FREE from the world’s best Universities and Business Schools. Courses are delivered at scale, typically 15,000 learners at a time, meaning you will learn just as much from them as you will from the course content itself.
a provider of free online courses with certificates. It has a wide range of courses from maths and English, ICT, humanities and management.
is a non-profit educational organisation created in 2006 to provide “a free, world class education for anyone, anywhere”. The site hosts a large number of mainly video lead tutorials on a wide range of subjects.
Mobile app: for iPhone
Many people on YouTube post how to guides, such as how to knit, crochet or play guitar.
The BBCs platform that links learning to many of its programmes or current affairs covering a wide varity of topics.
This site contains many old Open University courses. Many of the courses are now “badged” with online certificates of completion of learning, these courses include all OU faculty areas including languages, maths, humanities and science.
Mobile apps: OU News - for iPhone - for android OU Anywhere - for iPhone - for android

Redundancy support

Usdaw members who face the uncertainty of redundancy or who just want to keep their CV up to date can use the following links to access useful tools, information and resources:
Tools, resources and advice on skills, interviews, CVs and careers.
Mobile app: for iPhone - for android
Information on vacancies, benefits, training and job search facility.
Graduate careers website.
Help and advice on careers and learning.
Tips and hints on writing a CV from scratch.
Loads of tools to build and improve CVs.
Advice and templates for CVs and covering letters.

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