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Disability History Month

Disability History Month takes place each year beginning the 16 November. Each year has a theme and this year it is Disability, Childhood and Youth.

There are 14.6 million disabled people in the UK, but disability discrimination is still widespread. 1 in 5 people of working age are disabled. And many more people are reporting a long-term health condition or disability than did so eight years ago. The increase in people reporting a disability is largely due to the growing rise in mental health problems. But despite promises from government – support and access to mental health services for those who need it has not improved.

Reasonable adjustments are key to supporting disabled workers to get on in work, but many employers are unaware of, or ignore, the rights of disabled workers under Equality Act (Disability Discrimination Act in Northern Ireland).

The medical model still dominates thinking around disability. This approach holds disabled people responsible for their condition rather than putting the responsibility on society and employers to provide the support and adjustments disabled people need to participate equally.

Find out more: https://ukdhm.org/

Usdaw workplace reps play a vital role supporting disabled workers to access their rights at work.

This year Usdaw are raising awareness of hidden disabilities. Every action helps to raise awareness and show solidarity with disabled workers in your workplace.

You could take our poll, put up a poster, display our range of leaflets on disability or even organise a hidden disability campaign event in your workplace!  Find out more about the ways to get involved.


Disability Pay Gap 2023

Disability Pay Gap Day is when the average disabled worker stops getting paid for the rest of the year, compared to the average non-disabled worker.

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