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Free Accident Claim Line - FirstCall Usdaw

Take the pain out of personal injury and keep 100% of your compensation with our FREE accident claim line.

Use FirstCall Usdaw to start your accident, injury and disease case on 0800 055 6333

No forms, no fuss, no delay

  • Fast, expert help is only a free call away - 24/7.
  • Call FirstCall Usdaw to start your claim.

We'll need your:

  • Name and address.
  • Phone and email contact details.
  • Date of birth.
  • Date of the accident.
  • Usdaw membership number (not essential, but can speed up the call).
  • Have a pen ready to take down the details of your solicitor.

You will be transferred immediately to Union solicitors if you are a qualifying member.

Trust FirstCall Usdaw to give you the highest standard of advice and support.

Do not use FirstCall Usdaw to contact your solicitor or for general enquiries.

If you want to contact your local office or the Legal Department use the number in the contacts page. Do not use FirstCall Usdaw.


What does FirstCall Usdaw cover?

  • Any accident, anywhere in the UK, including accidents at work or outside of work.
  • Accidents/injuries to members whilst outside the UK on a package holiday*
  • Road traffic accidents.
  • Work-related conditions or diseases.
  • Slipping and tripping.
  • Injuries caused by violent crime or armed robbery (CICA claims).


  • Members’ children, under the age of 18, who are injured anywhere, anytime in the UK and also if they are injured whilst outside the UK on a package holiday*
  • Family members living with you are also fully covered if they’re injured in a road traffic accident.

How long will the call take?

The call is free and it should take less than five minutes to process your claim.

When will I hear from a solicitor?

When you make the call your membership details will be checked and if you qualify you will be transferred immediately to Union solicitors.

What do I do if I do not hear from the solicitor?

When you make the call to FirstCall Usdaw, have a pen and paper handy, you will be given the name of the solicitor Usdaw has appointed and you will be transferred immediately through to them. Call the Legal Department on 0161 249 2438 during office hours if you have any problems or if you have mislaid the solicitor's details.

My call was transferred to the Legal Department - why was that?

To qualify for Usdaw legal assistance the accident must not pre-date your membership and you must be a fully paid-up member.

If FirstCall Usdaw cannot immediately trace you as an eligible Usdaw member your call will be passed to the Legal Department who will sort out any problems with you.

What legal fees do I pay?

None – you only pay your usual membership fees. There are no legal costs whether you win or lose your case (the only exception is if the member has knowingly made a fraudulent claim).

Do I keep 100% of my compensation?

Yes – if the claim is successful you will keep 100% of your compensation, unlike many private solicitors who can deduct up to 25% to cover their legal fees.

Can I use FirstCall Usdaw to contact the solicitor for a claim I have already registered?

No – FirstCall Usdaw is the number to ring to start a new claim. Please use the number provided to you by the Union solicitors if you have a query about an ongoing case. Call the Legal Department on 0161 249 2438 if you have mislaid the solicitor's number.

Can I use FirstCall Usdaw for other kinds of legal assistance?

No - FirstCall Usdaw is only for making a new accident, injury or disease claim.

For help with employment matters please contact your rep or your Area Organiser.

        A    Work-related criminal prosecutions

        B    Conveyancing or non-work related legal assistance

To use our FREE will writing service, or A or B, please call 0161 249 2473 or complete and return our BL4 form.

If you have any further queries contact the Usdaw Legal Department on 0161 249 2473/0161 249 2477.

*Package holiday claims means accidents, injuries or other personal injury claims covered under the Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours Regulations 1992. Members are advised to take out adequate holiday insurance at the time of booking their holiday. Usdaw Legal Plus does not cover members for any personal liability that might arise from their actions; cancelled flights or accommodation; lost baggage; or up front medical expenses.

Please note: Usdaw Legal Plus is not an insurance policy. The Personal Injury cover does not replace the need to obtain specialist holiday insurance, car insurance and home insurance.


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