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Why choose a mutual insurance company?

Using a mutual company to provide your insurance often means reduced rates and better value, excellent customer service and an insurance firm that shares your values.
But how does mutual insurance work?
UIA Mutual Insurance explains the benefits of a mutual company.
What are the benefits of mutual insurance?
  • Owned by you, run for you
A mutual insurance company is owned by its policyholders, not by external shareholders. They work only for the benefit of their policyholders.

  • Low premiums
Mutual insurance companies reward you with competitively priced policies because profits are not being shared between external shareholders. They also reinvest their profits into the company so they can keep future insurance premiums competitive and improve the service you receive.

  • Shared values
With a mutual insurance company, you can be sure your values are shared by the company and staff. This means a people-focused service where the staff really listen and your number one concerns are equally shared by the company.

  • Trust
Mutual companies have to remain financially transparent as a result of being owned by policyholders, so you always know how your money is being used.
Usdaw works with and shares the values of UIA Mutual Insurance. Click here to get a quote on your home insurance, or find out more information on the UIA website. 
For more information on financial mutual companies and their benefits, see the Association of Financial Mutuals’ website: www.financialmutuals.org

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