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Pension Awareness Day Campaign

Pensions have become one of the most important topics for workers during the last 15 years. The pensions industry has gone through massive upheaval that has seen the closure of many final salary schemes and the growth of money purchase schemes.

In addition the laws surrounding the industry have changed significantly too, the most important being the introduction of auto-enrolment in 2013 and its gradual roll out for all employees up until 2017.
Photo courtesy of Andrew Coley, Union Learning Rep (H division)

Hold a Pensions Awareness Day

Our aim is to get members talking about pensions and making plans for their retirement, even if that is many years ahead. Many reps have run pensions awareness days to promote the issue and give out information to members. You don't have to be pensions experts to run one of these days. Excellent leaflets, booklets and posters are available from your local office or Stationery Department and help and support in setting up the day is available from Usdaw’s experts in the Pensions Section at Central Office.

Top Tips

  • Your Pensions Awareness Reps' Toolkit contains everything you need to hold a Pensions Awareness Day in your workplace.

  • Discuss holding the day with the relevant manager, agree a suitable date, time and venue – remember you are helping your employer to promote a valuable company benefit, so it’s in the company’s interest too.

  • Contact Usdaw’s Pension Section in the Legal Department at Central Office and you will be sent any additional promotional merchandise.

  • Usdaw’s Pension Team can also help you liaise with your company’s Pension Department to get specific information, which will help you interest staff at your workplace.

  • Remember you don’t have to be a pension expert to hold an awareness day. 


Photo courtesy of Andrew Coley, Union Learning Rep (H division)
Andrew said he "had a great response" from colleagues who attended the event.


Worried about answering member’s queries?

You don’t need to be a pensions expert to hold a Pensions Awareness Day. If you do receive any enquiries simply signpost them on to the pensions team. We can supply you with posters promoting the pension helpline telephone number.

 Remember – we are here to support you.


How this helps you

The campaign gives member and reps the knowledge to help them make informed decisions about their future. It can also be a great way of ‘breaking the ice’ which can in turn help recruit new members.

20161020_054758-(2).jpgPhotos courtesy of Stephen McKean, Union Learning Rep (G division)



“I would recommend any rep supporting an USDAW Pensions Awareness Day in their workplace. It is a fantastic way of raising pension awareness and a valuable recruitment tool – we recruited 20 new members for the Union! The campaign materials contain all the answers to the regular (and difficult) questions and dispel any pension myths, and the fantastic pensions team are available for extra support, if required.”
Simon Willmott 
Divisional Councillor (E division)

“A long day but well worth the effort and one we will repeat soon. The merchandise and information provided was simple and clear to put across, reps felt confident in giving the information and this was evident in the feedback from the colleagues”
- Carol Entwisle
Rep (E division)

“Feedback from members and non-members was very positive and they were grateful for the opportunity to get more information and shed some light on the issues around pensions. It gave them the chance to talk over their own thoughts and fears for the future and to learn about current/future pension trends.”
- Trevor Howson
Union Learning Rep (H division)

"I held a Pensions Awareness Day on the 24th November and let it run for a few days so all members could benefit from it. It went well - people were taking things away to look at and it made them actually think about their pensions. Some staff were surprised as they didn't know about the State Pension changes, so I feel members are in a better position now."
- Rachel Margetson
Rep (F division)

“I carried out Pension Awareness Days across different sites, each of them went very well and I felt like both myself, and my listeners learnt a lot from it. It did seem easier than anticipated as I got a lot of enjoyment through undertaking each of them.  The employees participated with the discussions and found it very helpful being able to take away information that was held in booklets and sheets. Since the Pension Awareness Days more employees have requested pension statements, and the younger generation within the stores have talked about pensions through word of mouth.”
Lillias Peden -
Rep (G division)



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