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Social Media House Rules

Guidance and moderation information for Usdaw's social media channels, including Twitter, Facebook YouTube, Instagram and Flickr.

We are not responsible for any comments or links posted by community members, and the content of these comments do not necessarily represent our views, or receive our approval.

Although you may not always agree with posts or comments, please remain respectful to us and the other users of the page all times. Abusive or inappropriate messages will not be tolerated, and we retain the right to moderate all comments and remove any which deem to be inappropriate. This includes comments which:
  • May cause offense.
  • Contain advertising, spam or self-promotion.
  • Are abusive to ourselves or other community members.
  • Are not relevant to the post in question.
  • Are not relevant to the page topic.
  • Are defamatory or libellous.
We will always first try to resolve any issues with those who violate our house rules, however we reserve the right to ban fans and followers from our social media communities for serious or repeat violations. This is a very rare occurrence, and we thank you all for contributing positively to our social communities and creating a productive and supportive environment.

Please keep your own personal details safe and respect the privacy of others and do not post confidential or private information such as telephone numbers or email addresses. We will only ever use your information in relation to your request, however please bear in mind that all personal information is subject to the data rules of the hosting social media platform.

Usdaw are not able to provide legal or individual representation via social media, and we refrain from the discussion of ongoing matters on social media. If you have a question that is sensitive or contains personal information, please email us direct or call 0800 030 80 30 to be connected to your local office.

We are not responsible for the accuracy of any of advice posted by others on our channels, and we accept no responsibility for any resulting loss or damage.

By sharing images, video, or any other content with us, you grant us permission to use it in our marketing material.

We reserve the right to change our house rules at any point to keep up with the ever changing online world.

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