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Rep Development

Reps have their own development plan with their Area Organiser. The websites mentioned on this page are separate from this development plan but can help to improve skills and knowledge in other areas.

Usdaw has produced a course for reps to explain the GDPR.

Since the start of the pandemic using Zoom to stay in touch with AOs, or attend Rep or branch meetings has become more and more important for Reps, why not try this Bitesize ‘Using Zoom’ course to find out more.

www.usdaw.org.uk/HomeStudy takes you to the Usdaw Home Study page where you can register to complete the different modules.

Learning Curve Group provide courses that will give reps information and skills in areas like Equality and Diversity and Mental Health.

TUC eNotes service offer self-contained modules on specific issues. They last between 20 and 45 minutes. You will need to register to use the site.

To help reps access a wide variety of free learning Unionlearn has created [email protected] as a resource, a searchable database and free bitesize and CPD courses.

TUC webinars offer online broadcasts on specific topics which are useful to reps. You can take part in a webinar live or access it later through the website.

acas.org.uk has online learning courses in many different subjects. You need to register to access the courses.

The Unionlearn Climbing Frame is a website designed for reps (especially ULRs) to help them in their role of supporting learners in the workplace. The Climbing Frame recognises that union learners have aspirations, experiences and skills which relate to all aspects of their lives, their current jobs, possible career routes and personal situations. The Climbing Frame can be used to provide up to date information to help during discussions with learners, update ULRs knowledge about various learning opportunities, develop individual action plans with learners, keep records of sessions with learners, store local information and contacts and gather information about learner profiles to support negotiations with employers.

A range of bitesize app based repetition courses, Wranx offers a number of courses that are useful for Rep development included Health and Safety, Young Workers Rights, Maths, English and Mental Health. Find out more.

Harmful gambling in the workplace is nothing new. However, acknowledgement of this being a workplace issue has been slow and only recently have trade unions and employers looked at working together to develop a response. Beacon Counselling Trust (BCT) in conjunction with Learn with Unite have worked in partnership on the topic since 2016. This culminated in the launch of the harmful gambling workplace charter in 2019 where employers and Trade Unions are asked to commit to providing information, support and an environment for people to talk about the issue.

Awareness Training on this issue is key and Learn with Unite is working with Unionlearn and a range of other Unions, including Usdaw, to develop an accredited Bet You Can Help training programme for Union representatives, Union professionals and employers. The blog gives more details.

Usdaw has developed three online Union Learning Rep training modules, which can be used to get you started or as a refresher for lifelong learning in the workplace, these can be found below and are called:
  Usdaw has created four online refresher modules on The Role of a Rep refresher courses:
  Three online bitesize courses are now available for new Health and Safety Reps, following the same format as the Health & Safety Reps Handbooks:

Two additonal courses have been developed to support Reps during Covid-19:

If you have a question about learning please contact us.

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