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Political Fund Ballot

Thanks to decisions taken by Usdaw members, we have a Political Fund that allows members who want to directly support the Union’s political work, to contribute to it. The Fund allows Usdaw to campaign politically as well as industrially on the issues that matter to our members.

Every 10 years we have to hold a ballot so that members can decide whether we continue to have a political fund.

That time is now.

With many issues affecting Usdaw members that can only be solved politically, from the cost of living crisis to attacks on workers’ rights, we believe that having the Fund is more important than ever.

We urge you to VOTE YES and protect your voice.


VOTE YES – for a voice

Usdaw campaigns industrially, in the workplace, and politically, in our communities and parliaments. You, your colleagues and the Reps in your workplace are directly responsible for the Union’s industrial strength, but to have a strong collective political voice, to even be able to legally campaign on certain issues politically, Usdaw must have a Political Fund. Make sure your voice can still be heard politically and vote Yes.

 VOTE YES – for your campaigns

Whether it’s Freedom From Fear, Time For Better Pay, Save Our Shops or Keep Sunday Special, so many of Usdaw’s campaigns rely on our ability to campaign politically. From securing new legal protections against abuse and violence for frontline workers, to lobbying politicians in favour of improvements to the living wage and workers’ rights, our Political Fund supports Usdaw’s key campaigns. Make sure this crucial work continues and vote Yes.

VOTE YES – for success

Let’s not fight with one hand tied behind our back. We all want to succeed for members. Without the Political Fund, there will be legal restrictions on the types of campaigns we can fight and the methods will be severely restricted. We need to be able to use industrial and political means if we are going to be successful. Make sure we can win for members and vote Yes.


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