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Labour Vs Tories

The record of the Conservative government speaks for itself. Since 2010, first in a coalition with the Liberal Democrats, now in a minority government propped up by the DUP, the cost of living has risen, wages have fallen, and work has become less secure.

The Tories have put in place policies that have made life harder, both at work and at home, for Usdaw members and working people.

Here, we look at why it’s time for real change.


Most people’s incomes have not kept pace with the cost of living. Many people are relying on debt, and are increasingly working more than one job to keep their families’ heads above water.

Rents are increasing faster than many household incomes can keep up, with the average monthly rent in London going over £2000 a month for the first time this year.

In terms of how far your money goes, average wages are today lower than before the financial crisis of 2008, and Universal Credit is making millions of families worse off. It’s no surprise, given falling wages and rising living costs, that around a third of people who claim Universal Credit are in work.

Foodbank use rose 13% in 2018 with the Trussell Trust giving out 1.6m food parcels last year. More and more people making use of foodbanks are in work. Under the Tories, 8 million adults are in work but live below the poverty line. Over 4 million children live in poverty, and many of these are in families where the adults work.

The last Labour government passed a law that legally bound the government to eradicate child poverty by 2020. This law was scrapped by the Tories.


For too many working people, home ownership is out of reach with levels having fallen over the last nine years. Successive Tory governments have cut back on the funding available for social housing, prioritising private ownership schemes instead.

In reality, these have helped the already well off to get new-build houses at a discount and have done nothing to tackle the housing crisis.

Renters can be evicted at any time, with no reason needed by landlords to serve notice. Lack of security in the private rented sector and a lack of social and affordable housing has led in part to a huge increase in homelessness, something the last Labour government had all but ended.


With low wages and high costs people need to work all the time, but they’re doing it without getting the benefits of a contract that reflects those hours. Millions of people work an average of 7 hours unpaid overtime a week.

Parents who are working to support their families, often for long hours, are not getting the help they need with childcare. The Tories have closed over a thousand Sure Start Centres, have left nurseries underfunded, and expect parents to foot the bill for ever increasing private childcare costs. To tackle this problem, Labour has committed to restoring Sure Start and introducing Sure Start Plus, providing extra resources in communities that need them the most.

The Choice

The Tories have had nearly a decade to sort this out, if they wanted to. It’s time for real change. The Labour Party has a plan for the country to reverse the damage done by successive Tory governments and build a future that works for all.
Tories Labour
The Tories have made work more insecure. Labour will scrap the Trade Union Act and restore Trade Union rights.
Average wages have fallen under the Tories. Labour will introduce a £10 minimum wage and end in work poverty.
Under the Tories, 8 million adults are in working poverty. Labour will end this within their first term.
The Tories closed over a thousand Sure Start centres. Labour will deliver Sure Start Plus and invest in pre-school education.
Millions of people work an average 7 hours unpaid overtime each week. Labour will reduce the working week to 32 hours – with no loss of pay – within a decade.
Labour will give working people more of their time back, by increasing holiday entitlement and creating four new bank holidays. Under Tory austerity, people have been under pressure to work longer for less.
Since 2010 rail fares have risen three times faster than wages. Labour will bring the railways back into public ownership and give a better deal to passengers.
Renters can be served a ‘no fault’ eviction notice to leave their homes at any time. Labour will end this, and increase standards in the private rented sector.
Private bus companies increase prices and close routes to keep profits high. Labour will give local authorities the power to plan and run bus services.

Don’t let someone else choose the next government on your behalf. Vote for Labour on 12 December.

For a Future that Works for All

We’re Voting Labour.

Promoted by Paddy Lillis, General Secretary on behalf of Usdaw, 188 Wilmslow Road, Manchester M14 6LJ

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