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Preparing for a Respect Week Event

We asked our reps for their advice on preparing for Respect for Shopworkers week. Here’s what they said:

  • Make sure you do plenty of planning and organising before the event.
  • Get as many people involved as you can, and give everyone tasks to complete.
  • Organise activities to help get people’s attention.
  • Make sure you do lots of promotion for the day, so everyone knows what you’re doing.
  • Keep management in the loop with your activities.
  • After the event, sit down with your team and evaluate what went well.
  • Celebrate your successes!
If this is your first time running a Respect for Shopworkers Week event, the video below provides some great examples of how you can get the most out of your stall pack:

Top Tips for Setting Up a Stall

  • Make sure your table edgings cover all the table
  • Place the petition at the front of the stall where people can sign it without having to ask you to pass it to them
  • Use a trolley to hang some carrier bags from; it’ll make your stall look bigger
  • Wear your reindeer hats! They’ll make you more visible and approachable. It’s harder to argue with someone wearing paper antlers.

Remember you can always call your Area Organiser if you need any help. Just phone 0800 030 80 30 and you’ll be put through to their office.
Find out what our reps say about Respect Week, and order your campaign materials now.

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