Usdaw for Labour

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    john hannett

    Our role as a Trade Union is to make things better for our members. Mostly we do that through negotiating with employers, but sometimes we need get involved in politics to make a difference.

    Usdaw is affiliated to the Labour Party because it is the only political party that can and will deliver for Usdaw members.

    Usdaw encourages all our members to get involved in the Labour Party. If you would like to know more about Usdaw's political activities and how you can get involved, check out the information in this section of the website.

    "Usdaw is a campaigning Union that delivers for our members. We work positively with the Labour Party to achieve our campaigning aims. I urge you to help by getting involved."

    John Hannett, General Secretary

    • 3 easy things you can do today: The latest campaign actions you can get involved in. Make a difference now.
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