National Minimum Wage

  • Usdaw has one of the largest youth memberships of any trade union and we are at the forefront of campaigning for young people.

    We know that young people can feel vulnerable at work and uninformed about their rights.

    Usdaw’s young workers’ leaflets provide up to date information about rights at work and additional support available and our Reps are experienced in dealing with the problems that young people can face at work.

    Usdaw was successful in getting the National Minimum Wage (NMW) extended to 16 and 17 year olds and we continue to fight for significant improvements to the youth rates of the NMW, as well as successfully negotiating to improve youth pay in the companies we work with.

    By involving young workers, Usdaw seeks to continue to improve pay and rights for young people at work.

  • The current rates of the National Minimum Wage are:money

    • Adult rate (aged 21 and over): £6.50
    • 18-20 year old rate: £5.13
    • Under 18 rate: £3.79