'Bedroom Tax' - Fact Sheet on Housing Benefit Changes

You may already have heard of the Coalition Government’s ' Bedroom Tax'  which will be introduced on 1 April.  These cuts are going to affect more than 660,000 households of working age throughout the UK who receive Housing Benefit and live in a rented home in the social sector.

We have prepared a fact sheet about the Bedroom Tax and what you can do about it, to help members who think they may be affected:

Download: 'Bedroom Tax' Fact Sheet

Usdaw is very concerned about the effect that these cuts will have on our members and their families. Over the next few weeks we will be making clear to the Government the hardship that the Bedroom Tax will cause our members, especially when added to the cuts to tax credits and child benefit. 

If you are affected by the Bedroom Tax and you feel that it is unfair or unaffordable, please contact us campaigns@usdaw.org.uk

Even if you are not affected yourself, please help by contacting your Member of Parliament to ask that they raise your concerns about the impact of the Bedroom Tax with Government Ministers.

To contact your MP, go to: www.writetothem.com