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    TUC Awards

    Usdaw’s own Monika Paczkowska won first prize at the prestigious National TUC Awards in the Union Learning Rep category, beating off stiff competition from across the UK and across all Unions.

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    Respect Week

    Want to get involved in this years Respect Week? Find out more and order your campaign materials online today.

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    Nominate now

    Following the previous success of Usdaw’s national Organising Awards ceremonies, we are now seeking nominations that will recognise outstanding achievement in organising and/or recruiting during 2014.

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    Under-aged Sales

    Shopworkers are often faced with the thorny issue of selling age-restricted products such as cigarettes and alcohol. Let us know your experiences.

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  • Freedom From Fear

    Usdaw's Freedom From Fear Campaign seeks to prevent violence, threats and abuse against shopworkers. Respect for Shopworkers Week will take place from 10-14 November.

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  • Supporting Parents and Carers

    We want to make sure that as many members as possible see that Usdaw can offer advice and support when times are tough. Our theme for Parents and Carers Spotlight Day is ‘Too much on your plate? Talk to Usdaw.'

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  • Have a Safe Journey

    We have been finding out more about the problems many of our members have when they are travelling to and from work. See how you can support the campaign.

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  • Pensions Awareness

    The aim of this campaign is to get more members talking about pensions and making plans for their retirement. You can also find out more about auto-enrolment.

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  • Usdaw for Labour

    Usdaw is affiliated to the Labour Party because it is the only political party that can and will deliver for Usdaw members.

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  • Lifelong Learning

    We launched our Lifelong Learning campaign ten years ago. Since then, our campaign has shown that when learning is made accessible and affordable, our members are keen to take it up.

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  • National Minimum Wage

    Our campaign to improve and extend the National Minimum Wage (NMW) continues to make gains for our members.

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  • Young Workers

    Our Young Workers Campaign aims to provide young workers with up to date information about their rights at work. By working together with young workers, Usdaw seeks to improve pay and rights for young people at work.

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  • Union4Marks

    Employees from the company's 350 stores are contacting Usdaw to find out where they stand in relation to the law and their rights.

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