Additional information for Reps

Usdaw Reps will be involved in redundancy consultation and in supporting members who are facing redundancy.

In addition to the information on the Usdaw website we set out below a series of links which may help you in your work.


Working in a Downturn is a web page with links to advice on problem areas like debt or benefits:

Facing Redundancy is a basic guide to the law around redundancy and answers some common questions about what happens if you lose your job. You can access it at:

Pay and Work Rights

The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills

This page links to useful redundancy resources.

Handling Potential Redundancies

This page is a great interactive site which is designed for Employers but is equally useful in helping Reps develop their strategy in consultation.

Job Centre Plus Rapid Response service

This provides important support services to members facing redundancy dismissal - make sure your employer brings them in.

The Pay and Work Rights Helpline - 0800 917 2368

Insolvency Service

Redundancy and Insolvency - a Guide for Employees

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