• An Usdaw Guide to Maternity and Parental Rights

    28 April 2014

    The Usdaw Guide to Maternity and Parental Rights provides basic, easy to understand information on maternity, paternity and adoption rights. It also covers parental leave, time off for dependants and the right to request flexible working.

  • Flexible Working (Leaflet 346)

    28 April 2014

    There are times when juggling work and home life can be hard going. Sometimes Usdaw members might want to change their hours of work to make life a bit easier ...

  • Worried about money? Know your rights (Leaflet 385)

    28 April 2014

    An Usdaw guide giving you benefit and money advice.

  • Lifelong Learning Publications Order Form

    22 April 2014

    Usdaw produces a wide range of booklets, leaflets and posters to help and support Union Learning Reps. They are all on Usdaw’s Lifelong Learning website - so you can read them online or download them.

  • Pension Facts 2014/2015

    14 April 2014

    Find out more about Pensions.

  • Your New Pension Rights - A Guide to Auto-enrolment

    14 April 2014

    Saving for retirement is a big issue for Usdaw members. State retirement benefits alone will not guarantee us a decent standard of living in retirement. That is why Usdaw supports auto-enrolment.

  • Things you need to know as a Union Learning Rep (Leaflet 392)

    14 April 2014

    This leaflet is aimed at brand new Union Learning Reps (ULR). It outlines the role and the rights that support ULR's.

  • Pensions Road Map to Auto-enrolment

    14 April 2014

    Download our Pensions Road Map for Auto-enrolment. The journey starts here...

  • Members' Guide to the Annual Delegate Meeting

    7 April 2014

    This guide describes the main purpose of the Annual Delegate Meeting (ADM), how it is organised and how it carries out its business. We hope that it will be a useful guide to ADM and encourage members to play a more active role in our Union.

  • National Youth Weekend 2014

    3 April 2014

    Aged 26 or under? Interested in finding out more about Usdaw? Want to network with other young activists? Want to debate the issues that affect you? The Usdaw National Youth Weekend may be for you ...