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  • Women's Health Series: Thalassaemia (8)

    6 December 2013

    Thalassaemia Major is a serious form of anaemia which is inherited from both parents. The aim of this booklet is to provide useful and supportive information.

  • Women's Health Series: Depression (3)

    6 December 2013

    This leaflet is part of Usdaw’s Women and Health series and is designed to raise women’s awareness about depression.

  • Women's Health Series: Women, HIV and Aids (9)

    5 December 2013

    HIV and AIDS can affect anyone. Everybody should have ready access to straightforward information about such a vital subject. This leaflet aims to ensure that all Usdaw members are in this position.

  • Too Cold for Comfort (Leaflet 399)

    5 December 2013

    This guide explains the legal duty on employers to maintain a reasonable temperature in INDOOR workplaces. Some members will not be covered but still need protection.

  • Union Learning Rep Briefing

    2 December 2013

    The Union Learning Rep (ULR) Briefing sheets give Usdaw ULRs the most up to date information on key subjects.

  • Usdaw Calendar 2014

    1 December 2013

    For display on your Union noticeboard or print out copies for your office (A4 format).

  • An Usdaw Guide to Maternity and Parental Rights

    30 November 2013

    The Usdaw Guide to Maternity and Parental Rights provides basic, easy to understand information on maternity, paternity and adoption rights. It also covers parental leave, time off for dependants and the right to request flexible working.

  • Together We Can Break Through – Racial Equality (Poster 1)

    25 November 2013

    For display on your Union noticeboard. Available in three sizes, poster illustrating Usdaw's support of racial equality.

  • Interested? Join Usdaw Today (Poster R47)

    25 November 2013

    For display on your Union noticeboard.

  • Women's Health Series: Menopause (6)

    18 November 2013

    This leaflet gives information on the menopause, its symptoms and other changes that may happen during the menopause. It also offers advice on medical treatments and what women themselves can do to help during the menopause.