Your New Pension Rights - A Guide to Auto-enrolment

Saving for retirement is a big issue for Usdaw members. State retirement benefits alone will not guarantee us a decent standard of living in retirement. That is why Usdaw supports auto-enrolment.

Pensions Reforms Guide Date Posted: 14 April 2014

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Award winning TUC 2013 star2012 was a milestone year for the workplace pension rights of millions of UK workers.

The need to save for our retirement is greater than ever but at the same time we know that over the last few years incomes have been squeezed by low wage growth and high inflation.

If we are going to have to put money aside for retirement then we need assistance to help us build up a decent pension pot and that is where the 2012 Workplace Pension Reforms come in.

These reforms have been described as the most radical change to workplace rights since the introduction of the National Minimum Wage. We agree and that is why Usdaw is giving its full backing to the introduction of the reforms and encourages you to support them too.

Our Reps have done fantastic work over the last few years by taking Usdaw’s Pensions Awareness campaign into workplaces all over the country.

Now we need to give our members the facts about the new reforms and make sure that they don’t lose out by not taking advantage of their new pension rights.

Want to learn more about auto-enrolment? Watch our video guide:

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Your New Pension Rights - A Guide to Auto-enrolment was correct at date of publication April 2014.