Domestic violence (Leaflet 287)

Domestic violence affects women of all ages and races, from all walks of life and every social class.

Domestic violence 287 Date Posted: 23 September 2014

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It happens everywhere - from large cities to rural communities. It is just as much about verbal abuse and controlling behaviour as it is about physical or sexual violence. In most cases domestic violence is a continuous series of attacks, rather than a one-off incident.

Domestic violence affects many of our members and Usdaw is committed to supporting any member in this situation.

For many victims of domestic violence there is no escape, even when they go to work. For others, work can be a safe place away from the violence of home life.

Domestic violence is a workplace issue. By working with employers to introduce workplace policies on domestic violence, we can change attitudes and help people who experience domestic violence to get the support they need.

Statistics and research confirms that the vast majority of those who experience domestic violence are women. Because of this, where we need to be 'gender specific' this leaflet refers to women as those who experience domestic violence at the hands of a man. But in all workplaces it should be remembered that men can experience domestic violence and that it occurs in same-sex as well as heterosexual relationships.

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Domestic violence (Leaflet 287) was correct at date of publication September 2014.