Campaigning for Lifelong Learning (LLL RS1)

Lifelong Learning is important for Usdaw members in the same way that decent pay and reasonable hours of work are important. With Lifelong Learning our members’ life chances are better.

Download: Campaigning for Lifelong Learning (LLL RS1)

Date Posted: 19 March 2012




Without it, they are at risk in the labour market and disadvantaged in the community.

What is Lifelong Learning?

Lifelong Learning brings together job-related training, career development and learning for our own personal development such as improving our literacy and numeracy skills, or learning a new language. It is about giving Usdaw members the chance to learn by providing equal access for all and ensuring learning is accessible
and affordable.

For many years Usdaw members have missed out on adult learning. The jobs our members do often don’t attract a great deal of job related training. Courses which could help them in career or personal development are inaccessible, costly, or at times which would make it difficult for our members to attend.

Interested in becoming a Union Learning Rep? Apply online

You may want to become a Union Learning Rep. If you do we will arrange for you to attend a training course and to have lots of support.

You will join over 800 Usdaw members who have become Union Learning Reps, and be a part of an ever-expanding network.

Over the past 10 years, Usdaw has set up successful learning initiatives with some of the biggest companies in the UK – over 35,000 of our members have returned to some form of learning.

Campaigning for Lifelong Learning (LLL RS1) was correct at date of publication March 2012.