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    The winter issue of arena is out now and takes a look at how members should deal with employers who want to amend working patterns and change hours.

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    Workers' Rights

    View the latest information on Government attacks to workers' rights.

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    Want to be a Rep?

    Usdaw has an army of talented and enthusiastic Reps. By making the most of the training and education opportunities available to them, thousands of Union Reps now have the confidence and knowledge to help themselves and their colleagues.

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    Workplace Pensions

    Saving for retirement is a big issue for Usdaw members. State retirement benefits alone will not guarantee us a decent standard of living in retirement. That is why Usdaw supports auto-enrolment.

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    Make sure you keep your Union noticeboard up to date with all the latest Usdaw publications. Contact us for further copies.

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  • Magazines

    Union Magazines

    Arena and Network are packed full of stories on the full range of Union services from Legal Plus and includes updates on all the Union's current campaigns. Our new interactive e-arena is also available to download here.

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    Are you looking for a particular reps toolkit, service or information resource? Enter a keyword and select one of the subject options below and press submit.

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  • Health and Safety


    Usdaw believes that health and safety at work is a right not a privilege. But we know the only way to secure that right is to have an active network of Health and Safety Reps working for members. This part of the website is for those Reps and all members interested in health and safety.

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  • Legal Plus


    Usdaw Legal Plus is one of the great benefits of being an Usdaw member. It helps members and their families and is free from the day you join. Usdaw Legal Plus works for people not for profits.

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  • Pensions


    If you are an Usdaw member looking for help on pensions you have come to the right place! Usdaw believes that all of our members have the right to a decent pension, to allow them to enjoy their retirement fully.

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  • Workers' Rights


    All the latest information on workers' rights and company briefings.

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  • Equalities


    Usdaw is fully committed to campaigning for equal treatment and the promotion of equal opportunities for everyone regardless of sex, race, disability, sexual orientation, nationality, ethnic origin, religion, age or marital status. We are actively opposed to discrimination in all its forms.

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    Need help and advice? Contact us.

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