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The Union representative (rep) plays a vital role. Usdaw has around 11,000 reps at present.
Once a worker is elected or appointed as a rep he/she will be trained by Usdaw on what their role involves, how to recruit and represent members, and how the Union operates on a local, divisional and national level.
Reps are responsible for recruiting workers at their workplace and helping to advise and support their members. This may include giving advice on workers’ rights, health and safety, wages, working hours, holidays and other work-related issues. It may also involve representing members at disciplinary or grievance hearings.
All reps can call on the expertise of their local Area Organiser, a full-time Union Official, who can help advise and support their reps on all work-related issues.
There are three types of rep:
1. The Union Rep.
2. The Health and Safety Rep.
3. The Union Learning Rep.

Many reps combine more than one of these roles. Tailor-made training is available for each role.


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