Health & Safety
Usdaw Health and Safety Reps work hard to make sure that workplaces are free from the hazards and dangers associated with working within their industries.  They have a legal right to inspect the workplace, investigate accidents and potential hazards, consult with members, and take up issues on their behalf with managers.
Health and Safety Reps are a vital part of the Usdaw team and that’s why it’s important that they have access to the information and training that will help them to support their colleagues in the best way possible.
Usdaw provides lots of useful publications to help you stay up-to-date on the issues that matter in your workplace. We will help you feel confident in your role as Health and Safety Rep.

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Health & Wellbeing
There are many reasons that can affect a person’s behaviour and performance at work.  It may be that they are physically unable to do their job because of illness, or something happening in their life means they don’t feel able to work.  We want our members to feel supported no matter what is going on in their lives and so it’s important that members feel that they can talk to their Union.
We’ve produced lots of leaflets surrounding health and wellbeing that will help you to talk these issues through with your members and ensure they feel supported.

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Equality is very important to us as a Union.  We want to ensure that all our members are treated equally and not discriminated against because of their gender, sexuality, race, age or any other factor.  As Usdaw reps you need to ensure that equality and equal rights is top of the agenda in your workplace and any discrimination is dealt with in the appropriate way.
We’ve provided a variety of guides and leaflets that will enable you to deal with issues surrounding equality that may come up in your workplace.

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Usdaw believes that all of our members have the right to a decent standard of living in retirement.  That’s why the subject of pensions is so important.  As a rep you need to make sure that your members are fully aware of the options available to them when it comes to saving for retirement.
We produce lots of useful materials to help you understand how pensions work so that you can be in the best place possible to inform your members.

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Usdaw’s successful Lifelong Learning campaign was launched over ten years ago and is still high on the campaign agenda for us.  The campaign has shown that when learning is made accessible and affordable, members are keen to take it up.  We want to continue to ensure members have access to learning and we need our reps to help us to do this.
There are lots of publications available to you to help you bring Lifelong Learning to your workplace.

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Legal Plus
Legal Plus is one of the great benefits of being an Usdaw member and is a service that the Union is very proud of.  There is a range of services available under Legal Plus and informing our members about these services is a very important part of being a rep.  We need to ensure that members know about the legal service and make sure they understand what it covers and their legal rights.
We provide a variety of leaflets designed just for reps that explain all about Usdaw’s Legal Plus service and how you can help your members when they are using the service.

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Workers' Rights
Keeping informed about rights at work is a fundamental action for reps.  Members will always need to know what their rights are and it’s more than likely they will ask you in the first instance.  We know you can’t know everything as a rep and therefore we’ve produced some very useful and easy guides to rights at work.  This way you’ll be in the best place to inform your members.

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Recruitment & Organising
Organising your members and recruiting new ones is a fundamental part of being an Usdaw rep.  The more members you have in your workplace, the stronger your voice and the more confident you are at being a rep, the more supported your members feel.
Usdaw produces lots of great recruitment and organising materials for reps that will help them to carry out their role as Union reps.

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Parents & Carers
Many of our members are feeling under pressure at work and at home.  They’re having to cope with changes to hours, rising food and fuel bills and changes to benefits.  Members who are parents or who have caring responsibilities often need more support and access to the information that will help them at home and at work.

Usdaw provides lots of easy to understand guides for parents and carers, so as a rep you can make sure that your members are aware of their rights when it comes to juggling work and home life and you can offer them the support that they need.

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Our role as a Union is to make things better for our members.  Mostly we do that through negotiating with employers, but sometimes we need to get involved in politics to make a difference.

Usdaw is affiliated to the Labour Party because it is the only political party that can and will deliver for Usdaw members and so we encourage our members to get more involved in politics and in particular the Labour Party.

As reps you can assist your members if they show an interest in becoming politically involved with the Union, and our range of leaflets will help you to do that.

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Sata is the professional and managerial section of Usdaw and when people join Sata they are part of the principle Union that negotiates for all grades of staff in the service sector of the economy including retailing, wholesale distribution, home shopping and a large number of process industries.
Sata has a proud history in getting the best deal for our members and giving them top quality services.

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