Checklist For Reps in an Injury at Work Case

  • Have you inspected the scene of the accident and completed an Accident Report, for example Usdaw form HS3?
  • Have you made a sketch or taken photographs?

Have you taken statements:

  • From the injured person?
  • From any witnesses?
  • From other workmates who can tell you about the background to the accident?

Have you checked the Accident Book report:

  • To see if the accident has been reported accurately?
  • To add to or change an incomplete or inaccurate entry?
  • Have you checked previous Accident Book reports to identify similar incidents?
  • Have you asked that faulty equipment is kept safely?
  • Do you understand exactly how the accident happened?
  • How do you, or other workers, think the accident could have been prevented?
  • Have you given the member FirstCall Usdaw Reps' Link?
  • Has the member called FirstCall Usdaw 0800 055 6333 to make a claim?
  • Is the member aware of Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) and other benefits?
  • Have you thought about what steps can be taken to prevent any future accidents and raised the appropriate health and safety issues?
  • Are you recording hazards or health and safety problems on Usdaw form HS2?
  • Have you checked whether there is a relevant risk assessment?


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