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Wranx Learning

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We believe that a little bit of learning goes a long way, learning in bite sized chunks every day is easier for our members to access, and they are more likely to retain what they’ve learnt through repetition.

Like learning to drive, it seems like a big task at the start, but you learn a little bit in each lesson, until it feels like second nature.

That’s where Wranx comes in.

Wranx is an online training tool that can be accessed on any device, and uses repetition to increase knowledge retention even with as little as 2-3 minutes of training a day.

Wranx gives you a series of ‘Daily drills’ of around 10 questions a day. What makes Wranx different is that you will be asked a question and then shown the answer. You then have to Rank how well you knew that answer. Sign up to WranxWranx then schedules the question to appear again at a later date… further in the future if you were confident with that question, and sooner if you are not as strong on that topic. This method is scientifically proven to accelerate the learning process!

Wranx is quick, easy and free, covering a range of subjects including:

Digital Skills: Topics include Being Safe and Responsible Online, Communicating, Handling Information and Content, Transacting, Creating and Editing.

GCSE Maths: Topics include BIDMAS, fractions, decimals, percentages, ratio, measurements and formulae, 2D and 3D shapes, area, perimeter, volume, surface area, circles, angles and bearings, angles and trigonometry, ratio, proportion, number sequences, algebra, number sequences, straight-line graphs and probability.

GCSE English: Topics include understanding the meaning in text, analysing language & structure in text, use of technical writing skills (spelling, punctuation & grammar), communicating effectively (tone, style, purpose & audience), organisation of information & ideas.

Functional Skills - Maths (Level 1&2): 3 modules at each level - Topics include numbers, shapes (size & calculations), statistics.

Functional Skills - English (Level 1&2): 3 modules at each level - Topics include reading, writing & comprehensive English.

English for Beginners (Level 1&2): 3 modules at each level - Topics include everyday English & punctuation.

Health, Safety and Risk Awareness: COSHH, Online Security, Substance Misuse, Manual Handling at Work.

Wellbeing - Raising Awareness: Mental Health, Rights for Younger Workers, Menopause in the Workplace

Because there are no qualification with Wranx drills this means there are no costs or exams. However everyone will earn a digital badge on completion of each module.

Why not try Wranx today and take your first step on your learning journey.
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For more information on the modules available visit: www.unionlearn.org.uk/wranx

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