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What language do you need?

Learning Apps

There are many Apps available for smartphones to help you learn a range of new skills. These Apps can be installed on to your phone and generally involve doing a bit of learning every day. This bite sized progressive approach helps learners pick up new skills gradually overtime at their own pace and when they are free to learn.

Duolingo is a free language App that helps learners pick up new languages. The App lets you learn a wide range of different languages and you can set how much time you want to spend a day learning them, from an average of five minutes, up to fifteen. The App can remind you to do your lesson each day. The learning works by using images, sound, and text to help you build up your knowledge of the language in a natural way.

Wranx is an online training tool that can be accessed on any device, and uses repetition to increase knowledge retention even with as little as 2-3 minutes of training a day. Wranx gives you a series of ‘Daily drills’ of around 10 questions a day. What makes Wranx different is that you will be asked a question and then shown the answer. 
You then have to Rank how well you knew that answer. Wranx then schedules the question to appear again at a later date… further in the future if you were confident with that question, and sooner if you are not as strong on that topic. This method is scientifically proven to accelerate the learning process! Wranx is quick, easy and free, covering a range of subjects.

Grasshopper is an App for your phone which can help you learn the basics of JavaScript code, and generally introduce you to coding principles. Like most learning Apps it works under a principle of doing a little bit each day. It starts off with easy activities and slowly builds your knowledge of the subject with daily lessons and exercises.


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