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Are you one of the missing million not registered to vote?

Reports are suggesting that changes to electoral registration have led to one million voters falling off the electoral roll and not being eligible to vote any more.

And it’s often people who are affected most by Government policies who are most likely not to be registered – young people and those who rent their homes or have moved recently.

If you think you may not be registered, or your details have changed in the last couple of years, you can register to vote and update your name, address or other details on the electoral register at:

Registering takes around 5 minutes and you’ll need your national insurance number, which should be on any wages slip.

Register for a postal vote

Did you know that everyone aged over 18 now has the right to vote by post?

We all live increasingly busy lives and many members will have missed their chance to get out and vote in the past because of work, family or personal commitments. With a postal vote you can be sure your voice is heard at every election. Having a postal vote doesn’t mean you can’t go along and vote in person, it just gives you the option of posting your vote.

If there is any risk that you might not be able to get out and vote in person on polling day then they should get a postal vote now. You can get an application form by visiting:


Just enter your postcode and click "Go".

If you have any queries about postal voting or would like to organise a campaign to get members in your workplace on postal votes please email: campaigns@usdaw.org.uk


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