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You're better off with Welsh Labour

The choice at this election is clear, another five years of damaging Tory austerity, or real change with Labour. 

Working people deserve better than the Tories. On their watch, our living standards have dropped, our jobs have become less secure, and our public services have been ruthlessly underfunded. Wales needs a government that works for the many, not the few.

On 12 December, we can vote for a party that puts working people first.
Welsh Labour understands the priorities of working people. In partnership with a Labour Government in Westminster, they will:
  • Introduce a new minimum wage of £10 per hour for all workers from age 16, and a ban on zero hours contracts.
  • Establish a legal right to a contract reflecting your normal working hours, bringing an end to contracts with 10 hours on paper but where you are regularly expected to work 20 or more.
  • Give everyone the full protection of employment rights from day one of their job, no more qualifying periods and no more waiting two years until you are protected against unfair dismissal.
  • Require that cancelled shifts are paid and proper notice is given for changes in hours.
Public Services
  • Continue to protect the NHS in Wales from privatisation, and ensure it is properly funded. Due to the work of Welsh Labour, spending per person on health and social care is 11% higher in Wales than in England. 
  • End the privatisation rip-off by bringing rail, mail and energy into public ownership and rolling out a publicly owned, free to use, full fibre broadband network. 
  • Invest £800m in trains in Wales, £200m in new rail station improvements, and support increased weekday and Sunday services to make sure you can get where you want to go when you want to go there. 
  • Use additional funding from the UK Labour Government to increase funding for local bus services, whilst making bus services work in the interests of passengers, by introducing franchising and council run bus companies.
  • Increase Statutory Maternity Pay from nine months’ pay to 12 months, and double paternity leave from two weeks to four. 
  • Extend and enhance the Flying Start programme, which offers free part-time childcare for two to three-year-olds, an enhanced health visiting service, access to parenting support, and access to early language development.
  • Build 20,000 new affordable homes in Wales, and replace the definition of affordable to one that’s linked to local incomes. 
  • Kick-start a Green Industrial Revolution, creating a million good, skilled jobs right across the UK.
  • Rebuild the police force, re-establishing neighbourhood policing across the UK and recruiting 2,000 more frontline officers than the Tories plan to. 
  • Scrap the failing Universal Credit programme, including the five week waiting period and sanctions regime, and in its place establish a fair system with the ambition of ending in-work poverty. 
On 12 December, a vote for Welsh Labour is a vote for the real change that will deliver a future that works for Wales.

Promoted by Paddy Lillis, General Secretary on behalf of Usdaw, 188 Wilmslow Road, Manchester M14 6LJ.

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