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Most Usdaw members are balancing their jobs with looking after family members. A growing number of older Usdaw members are regularly caring for their grandchildren. We would like to find out more about members’ experiences of balancing work and family life. Could you spare us a few minutes? Take the survey.

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  • #SPC2017 Grandparents deserve more support to balance work & care for their grandchildren. Support improved rights @ - tweet this
  • I’ve pledged my support for #SPC2017 – give your support to help grandparents get the support they need - tweet this
  • Grandparents deserve better! Support #SPC2017 to fight for improved rights when caring for grandchildren - tweet this
  • Grandparents need adjustment leave to deal with a family crisis without losing their job! Share & support #SPC2017 - tweet this
  • #SPC2017 Grandparents need the right to take flexible leave when a grandchild is sick. Please share and support - tweet this
  • #SPC2017 Grandparents deserve the right for their caring commitments to be taken into consideration! Support here - tweet this
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