TUC condemns plans to ditch working time protection

Date: 19 December 2017 The TUC has spoken out against proposals from Ministers to scrap the Working Time Directive in post-Brexit Britain. Repealing the Working Time Regulations would remove rights to paid holidays, daily and weekly rest breaks, restrictions on maximum weekly hours and health protection for night workers. At least 7 million workers would lose out according to the TUC.
Sunday newspapers reported that the proposal will be put forward by pro-Brexit  Ministers including Michael Gove and Boris Johnson at this week’s Cabinet meeting. Frances Grady, TUC General Secretary described it as a ‘straight up attack on our rights at work.’ Abandoning the Directive would contradict the repeated promise from the Prime Minister that workers’ rights would be protected and extended.  However Labour MPs have expressed concern that she refused to give a definite guarantee on working time laws when asked to do so in Parliament on Monday.
The TUC is demanding that the Prime Minister sticks to her word and reject the proposal from her own Ministers.  
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