Usdaw Second Series Summer School

Date: 15 - 22 September 2018 Location: Wortley Hall, Sheffield Contact No: 0161 224 2804
Usdaw's Second Series Summer School is intended for experienced and active members who play a leading role in Union activities at their branch and workplace.

The School deals with different aspects of industrial relations. Each group will deal with one specialist subject only taken from those listed below and will have the same tutor throughout the week.

The School will divide into different seminar groups:
  • Trade Unions and Organising.
  • Politics and Organising.
  • Women and Organising.
  • Health and Safety and organising.
Every student will be encouraged to relate the subject under discussion to their own workplace/branch and to participate fully in the School activities. There will be some campaigning on the streets of one of the local towns.

The Union will pay board and accommodation fees and members awarded a place will be entitled to claim travelling fares and any appropriate allowances. In addition, reasonable childcare costs can be claimed.

How to Apply

Each branch can nominate up to two members for each Summer School. Successful nominees will be selected by the Executive Council from the shortlists submitted by each Divisional Council.

Second Series Summer School is normally open only to members who have attended the Usdaw Academy, First Series Summer School or Second Series Summer School before 2007.

Members who attended the Second Series Summer School in 2007 or later are ineligible to attend a second time.

Please contact your Branch Secretary if you wish to be nominated.


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